Oak Tree

Native oak trees support over 500 species of caterpillars that become butterflies and moths, provide shade and nesting sites for birds and other critters and provide impressive amounts of acorns to 100+ vertebrate species.

Why Choose Native Plants?

Southeastern native plants are adapted to our climate and soil conditions, so they typically thrive without a lot of care when planted in the right location. They don’t require fertilizers or pesticides and need less supplemental water than many non-native plants.

Additionally, native plants don’t run the risk of becoming invasive in the landscape. They have co-evolved with native insects and animals for thousands of years providing, food, shelter, and breeding grounds.

Native Plant Benefits Include:

Create and enhance wildlife habitat

  • Nesting sites
  • Shelter to raise young

Provide food sources for pollinators and other wildlife

  • Nectar and pollen for pollinators
  • Nuts, berries and seeds for birds and other animals

Reduce the need for supplemental water

Eliminate pesticides and fertilizer

Manage stormwater and reduce soil erosion

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