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Create A Catalog FAQ

Taylor's Nursery is excited to present a create a catalog feature for our wholesale accounts. In order to use this feature you must login to your wholesale account and then click the Create a Catalog link.

You can filter the catalog by plant type and/or genus.

We offer three types of catalogs.

  • Buyer's Guide: Includes pictures and information without pricing of currently available plants. This is ideal for handing out to your customers.
  • Price List: A condensed quick reference guide that has only the name, size, and price of currently available plants.
  • Descriptive Price List: Includes detailed information on the plant as well as pricing of our current availability.

Once your catalog .PDF has been created you can save and print!

Glossary of Terms:

  • HT: Height
  • ​LR​: Lightly Rooted
  • SPD: Spread